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Game on


Guess what my favorite work-out is? I did it every day for a month to win the prize of a free following month. My accomplishment was slighted, though, by the fact that I did not manage to become the FourSquare Mayor of the workout studio. Hana H., whoever you are, I tip my hat. FourSquare […]

This poster from WWII is surprising. Not for its portrayal of disaster, since that’s become mundane, but as a reminder that at one point we believed talking actually had the power to change things. Oh right, there was the little indiscretion in Rolling Stone last week, but what difference did that make, really? Careers were […]

Give up your Mission Vision and Values Last Sunday evening, I spoke to a group of 130 StartingBloc Social Innovators at the NYU Stern Satter Program in Social Entrepreneurship. It was a bright, engaged group whose collective mood was improved when StartingBloc’s Program Director, Taryn Miller-Stevens, made everybody get up and dance for three minutes […]

We believe that communication is the single, universal factor that can solve literally every problem the world is facing. Ask any CEO, entrepreneur, manager, founder, investor, board member or employee what frustrates them about their organization, and more than likely, they will describe communication. Talk to any mother, father, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, child or sibling […]