What are we doing here?

We* believe that communication is the single, universal factor that can solve literally every problem the world is facing.

Ask any CEO, entrepreneur, manager, founder, investor, board member or employee what frustrates them about their organization, and more than likely, they will describe communication.

Talk to any mother, father, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, child or sibling about the angst in their relationships and   the conversation will revolve around communication.

Despite the inescapable evidence to the contrary – at every level from interpersonal to intergalactic – we all still believe we’re pretty damn good at communicating. And we are, as long as we’re we’re communicating with people who already believe the same things we do.

Our ability to translate numbing quantities of data into knowledge or wisdom, to be heard, seen, understood and appreciated, to motivate people or be motivated, to create a shared understanding of the peril we are in and what we can do about it, to render the abstract concept of “future” tangible, to learn from other species, and to see life-altering systems instead of random events – all these things depend on a level of communication that we have yet to master.

Learning, collaboration, intuition, empathy, innovation and any meaningful action built on them are all dependent on widely accessible, relevant communication: Verbal, non-verbal, quantum and macro communication, natural and technological.

Profound, satisfying, productive communication need not be a mystery. There is much we have learned in our lifetimes as communicators, and much more that we can learn together.

Which is what we’re doing here. We intend this to be a place to experiment, to practice, and, yes, to communicate. We sincerely hope you’ll join us.

*We are Heller Communication Design, CommonWise, and our remarkable collaborators: Sandy Skees at Communications4Good and Marc Rettig at Fit Associates.


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