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I am currently a coach in the NYU Stern Business Competition. I focus on the Social Venture side – including ventures that have a social mission and are for-profit, non-profit, and hybrids. Candidates will spend the year honing their pitch and plan with our coaching and rounds of judging. Social Venture Competition winners get the […]

In a recent blog, “Corporations Need a Reason for Being”, Ed Cotton writes about the gap between what consumers care about – social issues, purpose, human rights, and what companies sell – stuff, stuff and more stuff.  He says: “It seems like we’ve confused marketing with purpose, that marketing is something that helped us out […]

The rhythm of the F Train is something I have come to love since we moved to DUMBO in October. It’s a magic train that seems to go everywhere I need to get to in Manhattan. I hold a false belief, though, that every trip should take about half an hour, whether I’m going to […]