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Yamboy* was a young student in Nairobi who was turned into a yam when he accepted candy from a witch in his schoolyard. Identified by his schoolmates and taken by his teacher to the local police station, Yamboy was held for observation for several weeks before being released to begin his new life as a […]

“Going off the grid” is an expression designed to make us think it’s about nothing but sacrifice – a perfect example of framing as George Lakoff describes it. Because it quite literally says we’re giving something up (Oh no! Not the GRID!!!), we’re pre-conditioned to anticipate a loss. As with fossil fuels, so it is […]

Lying in a hammock under white pines, I count the tiers of branches to recognize the years the tree has stood sturdy over the space. Generations ago, old-stand white pines were harvested to stand tall over ships and the merchants who made America. Living and harvested woods — both — have been invaluable parts of […]