Once you see it, you see it everywhere.


Bad communication design is a highly dangerous thing. Two examples from a trip through JFK and bus side seen from a taxi on the ride home.

IBM’s “Let’s build a smarter planet.”  Actually, the planet is genius, homo sapiens are too stupid to learn from it. If only we were smart enough not to destroy the one we have.

Naked Juice, “This is fruit’s higher purpose.”  Huh? I think they actually do mean to imply that processing fruit and putting it in a heinous plastic bottle is more noble than what nature came up with. Peaches have all that ickey fuzz on them after all.

In both cases, these thoughts (and I use the word lightly) are designed to make us accept without hesitation that we are superior to and other than nature. These are the insidious beliefs upon which rests the assumption that we have rights that supersede all other living things and therefore can unthinkingly destroy them.

Communication creates these beliefs, communication can change them.


2 Responses to “Once you see it, you see it everywhere.”

  1. Cheryl.. excellent. Jack

  2. This is too true. I posted today about ownership, what do we own? Well nothing of course, elegantly expressed by the Patek Phillipe campaign. And then unbelievably mangled by the better idea bureau at Mercedes Benz who now have a campaign that blatantly steals the idea, telling us our children will be caring for and driving our pre-owned Mercedes cars, well give me a break. Advertising is so frantic, branding is so frantic, it falls on it’s face. Because of our experts. We live now, in a world filled with so many experts. Liked the icky peach fuzz observation. Good post.

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