Yamboy* was a young student in Nairobi who was turned into a yam when he accepted candy from a witch in his schoolyard. Identified by his schoolmates and taken by his teacher to the local police station, Yamboy was held for observation for several weeks before being released to begin his new life as a tuber. We caught up with Yamboy on his way to the Amanpuri Resort in Phukett, for some much needed R&R.

* The story of Yamboy appeared in USA Today. The article ended with the simple statement that belief in witchcraft is still prevalent in Nairobi.

The indignity of the strip search.

First class is cool.

Yamboy was always prone to motion sickness.

Even shallow water can be dangerous.

Updike and lemonade. Ummmmm.

What the doctor ordered.

One does not need possessions to be fulfilled.


We interpret the communication of this story to be: “Believe in the power of transformation, and don’t take candy from strangers, but if you do, make the best of it.”

Coming soon, Yamboy at the painfully chic TED conference. (with DK Holland)


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